Our Story
How We Met

Nathan and Sarah's first date began at Pho Pho Pho in downtown Raleigh. Though Sarah initially had trouble finding the restaurant, she knew she was in the right place when a set of keys came flying off the balcony beside her - followed by a dashing young man jaunting down the steps to retreive them! Nathan had knocked his keys off the table where he sat nervously awaiting Sarah's arrival. But any nervousness immediately evaporated when they burst out laughing at the spectacle of the flying keys!

Over dinner they discussed their interests, passions, and ambitions. Nathan wooed Sarah with his ridiculous sense of humor and commitment to helping others while Sarah charmed Nathan with her wit and her amiable personality. After dinner the two attended a concert at The Ritz music venue - The Shins were a shared favorite - but they didn't want the night to end! Their final stop was Boxcar barcade where Nathan impressed Sarah with his skills at Ms. Pacman.

After their first date, Sarah and Nathan rarely spent more than a few days apart. They strengthened their relationship over the course of many shared adventures. Together they hiked the mountains of Asheville, ate lobsters in coastal Maine, biked the streets of Charleston, skiied the Appalachian slopes, tried their luck in Las Vegas, and floated in the waves at Carolina Beach. They could could both tell the relationship felt 100% right and Nathan began to hint, "So...how long do you think a couple should date - you know, just hypothetically - before they get engaged?" Sarah smiled and responded coyly, "Oh, at least a year."

Getting Engaged

On April 20, 2018, Nathan and Sarah had planned a low-key night with Nathan's family in Middlesex, NC. The two had celebrated their one-year dating anniversary a week early with a return visit to the Ritz music hall in Raleigh. (Sarah had secretly hoped he might propose, but alas he hadn't!) As sunset approached on the night of their official 0ne-year mark, Nathan casually asked Sarah if she would like to take a walk at a nearby pond. Off they went! Nathan showed Sarah around the banks of the pond that he had grown up exploring and the two reflected on many happy memories from their first year of dating.

As the sun sank low in the sky, Sarah asked Nathan for a kiss. He obliged, and then said gently, "Will you be mine?" "Yes," she said with ease. Nathan then got down on one knee, pulled a diamond ring from his pocket, and asked, "Forever?" Sarah's face broke into a huge smile. "Are you serious?!" she asked over and over, completely shocked, as Nathan waited patiently for her answer. "Yes!" she burst out. After a few more smooches they drove back to the house to share the news.